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Hungs Mistaken for Stars

Song of the Day: The Blow - Hey Boy

What a crazy weekend... I think I mentioned it before a while back, but I do not like driving in rush hour. When I drive, I like to think of things I'd rather be doing - like oppurtunity cost. Boy, did I learn about oppurtunity cost in a real-world situation. This week definitely proved that in spades. Thanks professor Lau for the lesson. This also proved that I should not work late in the office. If work has to be done, then wait till the next day and finish it then.

So with all these nuisances of work, driving, and Arsenal not winning, I decided to actually golf for the first time this year (definitely, not a stress reliever here [sarcasm]). Fortunately, I did pretty well and actually enjoyed myself in the fresh country air - a definite change from the city smog. Here were the highlights of the golf game (I want to have this on record for the boys at home):

  • beat Kerni in 5 holes
  • tied Kerni in 4 holes
  • lost to Kerni by one stoke on 5 holes
  • Didn't lose a ball or break a tee
  • worked on two-wheel cart driving
I think I can retire from those highlights alone. So something that usually frsutrates the crap out of me, turned out to put me at ease from a frustrating week. Good work golf. I know Johny would approve of my efforts in knocking down 'Captain FlapJack' from his high horse. Just a note for the picture, there should only be about four real flapjacks for all you flapjack insiders reading out there. So thanks to Leo and Kerni for a delightful afternoon of male bonding. It was much needed. I would like to golf at least two more times before the season comes to a close. Maybe next weekend at home with the boys?

This weekend, I also got to see Mates of State in concert. Exams got in the way of me seeing them the last time they were here. It was definitely worth the 7-year wait. I know I've written about them before (here & here). Anyways, so here's the story... I was recommended by a fellow that dog. fan a while by in high school of this band. The first song I heard was 'Proofs' and totally taken by such a powerful voice. Okay, now day to last night. Kori Gardner is now like 5 or 6 months pregnant wearing a flower dress and spandex setting up some seriously heavy gear. Nonetheless, it's for the love of rock. As soon as the first note was played on the Yamaha electone YC 45, I was taken away by the moment. Not for a second did I think I would be seeing this band anywhere near my locale as I played 'Proofs' repeatedly on my winamp MP3 player. It's an awesome feeling to have something like this come full circle where you ended up seeing the band playing that same song live. I was dumb-founded for most of the night, but still screamed out every lyric to every song. It's the only time I'd sing in public, so I might as well take advantage of it. Anyways, I thought Kori would be a bit reserved being in her rather late stages of pregnancy, but boy did she sing. I mean eye-closing, head-bobbing kinda singing. It was too intense. Kori Gardner - the coolest rock mom on the planet. Actually, the coolest parents on the planet! Somehow, I even scored the setlist. Man, did I feel like a 16-year old last night.

Oh, and let's not forget the great opening act hailing from Guelph -
The D'Urbervilles. I read somewhere and they were referred to the "D'Umbrellas". They brought the house down and get so much better everytime I see them. Kori even gave props to the D'Urbervilles int he middle of the Mates of State set too. Way to go guys! Can't wait to see them at the Horseshoe Tavern with controller.controller on the 22nd. Can't wait to break out the tap shoes. Watch out Gregory Hines.

More to come...

xend transmissionx

“Hungs Mistaken for Stars”

  1. Anonymous kerni Says:

    I'd also like the record to note that I beat your ass by about 12 strokes!