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I'm 1/4 done!

Song of the Day: Mates of State - Goods (All In Your Head)

I don't think I've had a good chuckle in a while until last night at the baseball game. Funky baseball players and their fancy spelling of common everyday names!

Hung: Man, how do you suppose you pronounce that guy's name? Chone???? Ch-one???
Henry: Dude, it's pronounced Ch oné, like Kanye [West]!!!

[Five minutes later, Eric, the baseball stat machine, returns to his seat]

Hung: Dude, your bro and I were wondering how this guy's name is pronounced...

[Hung points to the jumbotron]

Eric: it's pronounced Shawn...

Music-wise, I don't think I've been as happy as the past of couple of weeks with listening to Mates of State, Band of Horses, and Rogue Wave. There's just some good quality music out there right now that I really really enjoy. Oh, and on a musical note, someone pointed out that I'm I snob when it comes to music (I'm not to point fingers! heh). Come to think of it, I definitely am. I don't know what I'm trying to prove, but I just really like music and spreading the word. I guess it's one of my quirks. I think I've become somebody I would have hated back in high school. I guess it has come full circle where I now make the disconcerning remarks to discredit upcoming bands emerging on the radio etc. The thing is, I don't think I have the looks nor the knowledge of saying I've listened to the vast number of obscure bands out there. Maybe we can take a step back and come to terms that I'm an opinionated lover of music of the indie rock persuasion.

Socially, it's been over a month since the big move and the GTA has lost its lustre it once had in my mind. I must say the commute is getting to me, especially with the increasing temperature peaking around the corner. I really don't know how people do it for the rest of their lives. Just from commuting alone, I know I want to move to a smaller, less capacitated community near some body of water. Those country kids don't know lucky they have it. As for going going out with friends, it feels like a major production where most of energy is exhausted just to meet up with peeps in the city and that's the majority of the night spent. I guess it makes the "hangout" that more special because you spent all this time and energy just ot get there. I was too spoiled where I can roll out of bed and at my friend's doorstep in 10 minutes 0r 20 if I want to make a fashionable entrance. Oh well, time to pack caffeine pills in my pocket to keep up with this damn megacity.

I think it's still unsettling for me that I haven't found MY hangout yet. I think I was talkin' to Kerni about it. I would definitely be easier if we knew where we would all want to hang out. In the Loo, it was either Bomber or Phils depending on the amount of disposible income you had left that weekend. So far, some candidates include Sneaky Dees & O'Gradys. Sneakey Dees for the Waterloo Dark on tap and O'gradys for cheap pints. O'Gradys just needs to stop playing Tom Cochrane when it gets busy.I need my own "expensive beer night" as Mikr would say or a replacement for Boston Pizza. Although finding a place that has a comfortable atmosphere to your liking is desireable, it's the company you keep that makes it special.

Speaking of friends, it was great seeing Daneille and Tim again. This past weekend made me realize just how special first year was to me.

xend transmissionx

“I'm 1/4 done!”

  1. Blogger Henry Says:

    whatever man, how's a cracka' like me supposed to know how to pronounce names written in ebonics???