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I can't tell the kind of life I've lived today...

Song of the Day: Tom Vek - Nothing but Green Lights

So this weekend was pretty special. One of my good friends from school flew back from Seattle to party with the Renny crew before his trip to the UK. In his return, Matty also scheduled a house show at the same time. The night was really good. The whole gang was together again and it was a gong show. I even pulled out the bunnie hop in the basement of dance jams!

Anyways, getting to the point of the post... I've really been into the husband and wife dynamic in terms of rock outfits currently out there today. When show reviewers lament about a dreaded performance by such and such a band, most likely chemistry comes into question. So if the other person in the band is married to you, there has to be chemistry there right? Well, if my assumption is correct, two of the bands I'm about to mention definitely have an added level of cohesiveness to their sets.

The first band is a three piece from Montreal called Hexes and Ohs. I first heard of them on CBC radio 3, I think they also played a gig with Matt's band sometime too. I just don't remember seeing them. And to add to my affliction for "couple bands", Hexes and Ohs latest CD release is rightly called Goodbye Friend, Welcome Lover. Anyways, I checked out their website and videos for their single, Whaddya Know?. These cats rock! If I can only see them live (hopefully June)?!?! They make me want to rip off my shirt and dance till my quads spasm and I'm on the floor screaming in pain (or was it pleasure?). When I think of Montreal, I think of Canada's city of love. The city of Love now has a traveling act coming to a city near you.

The second band and the reason why I love seeing couples rock out is Mates of State. Hailing from the indie hotbed in the late 90's, Lawrence Kansas, Kori and Jason have been kickin' my ass for a hella long time. Someone suggested them to me on my mIRC days. This random told me the vocalist was a re-incarnation of Anna Waronker. Seriously though, fuck that comparison, Kori kicks more ass. I downloaded their DVD over the weekend and was captivated by this 2-person band. Man, just think you choose to start a band with one other person, then decide to give up on steady careers as a cancer researcher and teacher for basically the love of music and eventually one another. I don't think it can get any better than this. And when you think of "couple bands" you might think songs are about love and all that sappy BS, but MOS churn out edgy rock tunes that'll make most rock outfits quiver in shame. They DVD really put in a reflective mood. MOS followed their hearts and the results (in my opinion) were amazing.

Check both bands out and if there were any other "couple bands" out there with the same energy, let me know.

xend transmissionx

“I can't tell the kind of life I've lived today...”