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You've done a very bad thing.

Song of the Day: Classified - Fall from Paradise

So as I eluded to in a previous
post regarding film from a camera, there has finally been some resolve to put this to rest. This past weekend, I spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon with my little cousin chilling seeing what the youths are into these days. So as we looked at cool kids stuff, I happen to have the roll of film wedged in my jacket dying to be developed. So I decided to develop the film from the camera at a local Walmart.

So the stories begins with Hlen and Genry (names were disguised for their protection) finding this abandoned camera on a ledge begging to be obliterated. As the story goes, if you give a camera to inebriated individuals, be prepared for a destructive outcome. At first, one of them noticed there was some photos that were not taken. The tourist in both Hlen and Genry decided to take pictures. With myself at the centre of the commotion. I think I even got a turn with the archaic contraption. Someone then dropped the camera and with natural striker instincts, Hlen and Smike (individual #3) decided to start and impromptu soccer match. The game was soon over as debris splattered across the floor. One of the individuals picked up the dislodged film and tossed it in my direction for reasons I cannot explain.

Skip to this past weekend. I had pocketed the film and strolled into one of the most disgruntled employees I have ever seen. Her speech can only described as "ugly" and her attitude ... I would not wish on the meanest of men. She must have had the following things going through her head:

A) Her boyfriend left her
again and took the ice cube trays in the apartment
B) Had to work overtime to pay off her drug debt

C) Wondered why no one loves her

D) Didn't know how to react when faced with a mild mannered customer who wasn't in her face
E) Realized she could have saved a shit-tonne on her insurance from Geico

Anyways, I asked her what format the pictures would be saved as on the disk if I were to get a CD made. She answered with "The CD is saved in picture form". I then decided to probe even further with "yeah, but when you save the pictures onto the CD, they would have to be saved as a certain format. What format would that be?". Her jaw then dropped and looked at me as if I had just came out of the woodwork and posed the stupidest question-in-the-world-to-ask-an employee-of-a-Walmart-1-Hour-Photo-Centre. I guess I was rude because "normal" customers wouldn't dare ask her a question. I mean there was a reason why she got the teardrop tattoo in the first place right? Obviously, I didn't see it or else I wouldn't ask a perposterous question like I did. Anyways, the whole store was looking at her at this point because I had done the unthinkable and the only way she could counter my ignorance was to raise her voice as me. At this point, I know I wasn't going to make out with this one, so I just slipped a five dollar bill across the counter and said I would be back for the CD in an hour. Note, I had my little cousin with me so I didn't really want to my asshat on and tear into this one. There's always a place and time for that.

The final result was she forgot to develop my film and left it in a basket for her co-workers to do.
So here are the fruits of my labour. Enjoy.

Oh, and you guys have to hear this hook from that Classified song "
Fall from Paradise" so catchy. Not since Kanye's Through a Wire.... I can't get enough.

xend transmissionx

“You've done a very bad thing.”

  1. Blogger Henry Says:

    brilliant post my friend. i am glad we have laid this subject to its final resting place. they looked like a bunch of chumps anyways, esp. that upside down one with the glasses.

  2. Blogger .::Hung::. Says:

    It's too bad the other pictures didn't turn out. They would have been awesome.