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From my Cold Dead Hands...

Song of the Day: Tokyo Police Club - Nature of the Experiment

Gosh, has it ever been a wet and humid summer! I mean, I've never seen so much rain for the month of June/July before. I could have sworn precipitation came upon us at least once a week. It's time to invest in a bigger and badder umbrella that doesn't suck. The last time I used my existing unit, I could feel raindrops on my head. Sorry Kerri's umbrella, I could return you to your rightful owner, but she's a world away. It's time for you to sleep with the fishes. It has been a good four years. It's about time to man up and get a rugigid, durable, and reliable portable roof to carry around on those wet days. Okay, so here are some probable replacements:

Right now, I'd have to go with the frog because that coy smile just exudes mental toughness whereby rain will not get its way with mister Frogman.

Okay, so the reason why I decided to blog... Have you ever found a roll of film where you just don't recall ever using or know when it was used? Well, I am in such a predicament. A few months back, the guys and I happen to run into a camera where there few a few photos left in the tank. At this point, a few drinks were consumed and bad decisions were about to follow shortly after. With camera in hand we decided to take some rather obscene photos and leave the unattended camera back to its nestled corner of beer and vomit. A few months later, the role of film is now in my possession. I'm so tempted to develop just to see what we were up to that night because I could not remember for the life of me. I'll post the pictures when I get them.

xend transmissionx

“From my Cold Dead Hands...”