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When the little things mean the most...

Song of the Day: El Ten Eleven - Sorry About your Irony

Man, 2010 has started off with so many events and happenings. Work has consumed much of my time and thoughts whether I want to or not. It;s all good though. The things I'm thinking about are very constructive and I'm glad to be thinking about things like this than deconstructive thoughts. With any spare time I have, I've really enjoyed my time participating in some of the recreational sports around my city. This Winter/Spring, I've signed up for 2 basketball leagues and 1 floor hockey team. Needless to say, my daily frustrations are all gone after exhausting myself on the court.

One highlight so far this year has been my recreational basketball team on Wednesdays. After switching from Thursday nights, we weren't sure what competition we'd have. Unbeknown-st to me, there's another team in league made up of my high school alumni. One of which happens to be my mentor-like figure in public school. He happens to be an Asian guy who was on all the sports teams and quick as a cat. Being a rather bulbous individual throughout grade school, I always wished I was quick as him.
Anyways, seeing that Lightning quick Robbie H was 3 years older than me, I never had the chance to square off with him on the hardwood in public school and/or high school.

So when the recreation basketball schedule was posted, you know I circled one particular game on the calendar. When the game started, I was pretty nervous. I didn't want to let my guard down and wanted to keep my game face on point. I was so excited, I even jumped and actually rejected someone (seriously, this never happens, 'cause I can't jump)! It ended up being a really close game, but we persevered and ended up winning 47 -42. What a game!

xend transmissionx

“When the little things mean the most...”