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Is it ever gonna be enough?

Song of the Day: Metric - Gold Gun Girls

First off, Happy New Year! I think this marks another year this blog is still kickin' around, though the posts have come far and few between. I remember the original intent of this blog was to sporadically document the joys and hardships of post university. I was wondering how the countless hours working in labs and writing reports would translate in the real world. It was quite daunting to think you'd spend 4 or 5 years head-down focusing on getting a piece of paper to one day have no one to really grade and mark you in some degree. You're now on your own and you better make something of yourself.

I think the last time, I had ambitious plans to wrap up the last decade, but I don't know if I could really do it any justice as to how I felt about the last few years just yet. Maybe another few sleeps and I'll get it right. It definitely was a roller-coaster ride backed by a sweet soundtrack to boot. I can definitely see a song associated with every memorable moment of the 00s. That'll have to come into play when I post something about the past decade, so look out for that.

So, what else is there to write about??? without all the hi-jinx of university life to write about, what else can I draw from? With all the partyin' days far behind me and the alcohol leeched from my body, nothing really gets a rise out of me anymore. I'm the weathered veteran who's been through it all I suppose. I now muse about things that happen around me. For instance, I used to be really close with my dearest friends and hung out with them all the time. Now, conversations or hang outs are served with caveat of the couples-only variety. I'm trying to come to terms with this. le sigh...

Anyways, I found this video really tranquil and got my midn off things. Thanks Warmer91

xend transmissionx

“Is it ever gonna be enough?”