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2009... it was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

Song of the Day: jj - Ecstacy

It's been a while... The world of retail is a busy place battlin' recessions or not 'tis a busy season nonetheless. Since my last post, I've been brainstormin' as to what to write about. Had some great ideas, but with old age, I tend to forget. With the new job and it's requirements, I figure why not spill them over to the blogosphere (does anyone even use this word anymore... hasn't the world moved on to twitter and their twittosphere) and look at themes, trends, and indicators of the raw data that has passed and absorbed my attention in the 2009 campaign. No blog is complete with a year-end wrap up right right?

So for the past month or so, I try to recall what has been a smear in my lenses... What I came up with was the theme of (drum roll please) WOMEN! That's right, WOMEN... from music to personal relationships, women have overwhelmed my eyes, ears, and spirit. To keep this short, I will focus on the musical aspect of this theme.

For example, on the music front, if I were to list some of my favourite acts in 2009, they would a recurring reference to women. Par example....

Girls - amazing San Fran act... Their back story is as effed up than any other band out there
---> recommends: hellhole ratrace
---> recommends: solitude

Women - math/angular rock + CAN-CON = awesome. Though met wide acclaim in 2008, I was fortunate enough to see them live for the REAL DEAL HOLYFIELD Women experience... They are just that solid as a band
---> recommends: shaking hand
---> recommends: black dice

The XX - yeah, I'll squeeze it in there... These UK cats are probably on everyone's year end list with 2010 North American dominance soon to follow. I think they are playing with Hot Chip in Toronto in March 2010. Needless to say, I will be there to consume the XX experience.

Camera Obscura - I'm guilty of jumping on the CO band wagon a album late, but these female-fronted foreigners had to prove to me that they were worthy of my undivided attention. Their release of My Maudlin Career and multiple visits to my fair city turned me into a believer. The soft crooning of TraceyAnne Campbell with a lounge-y, elegant backing melody sends me into a free falling into joyous haze.
---> recommends: swans
---> recommends: french navy

Anyways, that is it for now. The next post will focus on a decade of memories and nostalgia: the discovery years. over and out...

x end transmissionx

“2009... it was the best of times, it was the worst of times...”