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Song of the Day: Boney M - Sunny

I wrote this post a while back, but never had time to post it. The good news is I have photos to go with it as well. Enjoy.

I’m sitting here at the office counting down the minutes in anticipation of the celebrity soccer match that is being held at BMP Field. Fingers are trembling, heart is racing (just downed a super caffeinated bevy), and eyes welling up in excitement for getting the opportunity to see Zinadine Zidane in person masterfully control the ball with his

Right now, I am 17 years old, pressed against the tele watching the brilliant #10 manoeuvre through defenders clamoring to keep Zizou away from the net. I’m commenting his every move with increasing volume to my disapproving parents sitting in the background. Right now, I’m screaming in delight to witness one of the greatest athletes I ever did see.

xend transmissionx