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And a lil pinch of paprika...

Song of the Day: Dead Prez vs. Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks of Hip Hop (thehoodinternet)

As a portly woman with a sugary-sweet, southern drawl and white wavy hair, Paula Deen could be considered a typical grandma figure in any Southern family. Some things seem to be too good to be true. Did anyone ever look at what she puts into her food? The dairy farmers of America must be unloading dump trucks of money into her account. I think a great drinking game would be to watch any of Paula Deen's cooking show and have a drink on the sight or mention of the word butter. As a full-bodied gentleman myself, I caught myself with a little vomit in my outh after watching her concoct a artery-attacking food bomb. Sometimes when the unfortunate are watching Paula lets out a death cackle that is so terrifying that I turn away from the television with proceed with the "earmuffs position.

Lets take a look at some of Paula's top recipes shall we?

Fried chicken or death nuggets?

xend transmissionx

“And a lil pinch of paprika...”