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Let's Get out of this Country

Song of the Day: Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out of this Country

"Its been a year now, since you were here now"

Hola! These posts have come few and far between and I can't say that twitter has played any part in slaying this 5 ear old blog, but it might soon (I've jumped on the wagon). Things have been pretty hectic with work life. I've been arranging meetings and conducting presentations and whatnot. Interviews are like first dates... you promote the best image of yourself as possible and you leave hoping they'll call you back. The past few weeks took me down memory lane to the great times as a sci/bus undergraduate and the time spent nailing down case presentations with such grace and passion. I need to get back to that in 2009 and beyond.

This week also marks my 2-year anniversary of moving to the big smoke. I feel somewhat the same, but more tuned to the city and the lifestyle. I still miss free parking very much so. The parking ticket count has already surpassed 0 thus far. I have yet to find an equivelent to Ethels Lounge or McMullans, but diligently searching. I now tend to get very excited ans worked up when I see a fresh patch of cut grass, God forbid a park. The unfortunate thing is that dogs in my neighbourhood also are akin to my affinity for grass. Owners, clean up your animal's doo doo

Anyways, that's enough for now. Happy belated St. Patrick's Day. Here's a clip that celebrates the wondrous day of binge drinking and questionable decision-making. It kept me in stitches throughout the day. Enjoy this "nugget" of interweb gold!

xend transmissionx

“Let's Get out of this Country”

  1. Blogger 2.. Says:

    haha i can't believe you jumped on the bandwagon!!!! I still don't get it. But I do hope you keep blogging too.