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Targeting the Lower Hanging Fruit

Song of the Day: Lykke Li - Little Bit

My conversations with a close friend south of the 49th parallel in the wee hours of the morning always rouses me to generate some sort of list or agenda. Tonight's topic was goals for the '09 . I think going through a year without personal goals or challenges might take you off the course of personal achievement or self motivation. I must admit I was distracted this past year and my vision of the 2008 outlook was somewhat blurred. So far, we've set a challenge up for first 3 months of the year to better our health, but we' re looking to see what other competitions or goals we each have for this year. Are these some things that are meant to internalize? Well, it doesn't matter because I'm going to share my list regardless.

.::: Hung :.::. .:::.:. says:
1) Seek another job (i.e. to learn another skill, keeps me interested, higher visibility, more strategic, more analytical with more time allocated for deep dive analysis, take on a position of more leadership roles)
.::: Hung :.::. .:::.:. says:
2) Work more towards bettering my communication skills ( to address different social groups and work-related issues)
.::: Hung :.::. .:::.:. says:
3) Establish a slush fund for future housing situation
.::: Hung :.::. .:::.:. says:
4) Live a healthier lifestyle (translation - lose weight!)
.::: Hung :.::. .:::.:. says:
5) Establish myself in some other community besides work settings (i.e. volunteer work)
.::: Hung :.::. .:::.:. says:
6) Research opportunities for more additional education (MBA or certifications or accreditation)

I'll have to check this 'ish' out monthly to see where I'm tracking. I plan on accomplishing these goals once the summer hits its full stride. Wish me luck!

xend transmissionx


“Targeting the Lower Hanging Fruit”

  1. Blogger 2.. Says:

    keep it up. try not to lose the bet to this close friend of yours.