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Eating Well is Expensive

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Since the inception of 2009, I've really made it a conscience effort to eat better. It's part of the packaged new years' resolution of some sort I guess. This means buying healthier foods, more fresh produce opposed to preserved foods, and more health-wise items (But seriously, who can resist the tastiness of the Vlasic Stork pickles???). I think the the overall change would have to be produce that has a very limited shelf life. So far, I've noticed my groceries last approximately 2 weeks at most.

It's been about a month and a half and I've noticed that my grocery bill has sky-rocketed upwards of about $40 per trip more than the average basket in 2008. I don't know if guys do this or not, but like a typical guy, I'll buy whatever I feel like having for the next couple of weeks regardless of its price. I know that this buy-what-you-want-when-you-want attitude needs to change pronto. I've always enjoyed a good Granny Smith apple, but the red delicious ones are 20 cents cheaper? How do I get what I want at an affordable price? How would you rank the local grocery stores in terms of price? Do I need to start looking at the weekly flyers sent out by 4 or 5 grocery chains? Do I need to avoid after-work rendez vous' to the local Metro? What kind of tips can you recommend in bettering the budget and trimming the waistline?

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“Eating Well is Expensive”

  1. Blogger 2.. Says:

    The reality is that eating well really indeed is expensive. But if you compare it to hospital bills and future treatment for bad habits, it's definitely something you can afford.

    I dunno if this option is available in canada but joining a farm here has been really good and cheap for me.