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And the Grammy goes to...

Song of the Day: The Delta Spirit - Parade

I know the Grammys were last weekend, but I wanted to touch on something here. So
the theme of this year's production was collaborations from some unlikely pairings. For instance, Dave Grohl & Paul McCartney or The Jonas brothers & Stevie Wonder. Some collabs were better than others. It was nice to see something different, but I really thought the collab thing was really supersaturated and really took away from the celebration of music made in 2008. It made me question what the organizers, producers, coordinators, and advisors were thinking when they designed and organized this shindig. Were they not confident in the new music to showcase it for national television? From what I recall, all the covers were of classics and the majority of the night focused on music from the distant past. I think there only three performances that were worth watching:

Adele - because she was a new artist with music that was released in 2008. The kid can sing!

Radiohead - seasoned vets who are always pushing the envelope of progressive music. They too played a song that was released in 2008.

3) Jay Z, Lil' Wayne, T.I., Kanye West, M.I.A. - could there be anymore hustlas in the rap game onstage at once?

Anyways, that's my two cents. Nice try Grammy committee. Could could have saved some money by pairing back on the collabs and celebrateed more recent music. Better luck in winning me (the fan) over next year.

xend transmissionx


“And the Grammy goes to...”