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My heart, my tools, my skills my fools, my (kilo)joules (part 2).

Song of the Day: The promise Ring - Suffer Never

And it's about time too! Been holdin' it down without a peep as of late. It's been quite an interesting year of highs, low, and mediocrity. It comes with the territory at this stage I guess. I've been trying to warm myself with the current surroundings and can officially consider myself a city slicker. I contribute to the daily traffic, coffee shop lines, and the constant bickering and complaining of the city's public transit system (even though I hardly use it). I guess T.O. can now be considered home...

To help with the transition, music and entertainment really helped ease into second base of cuty dwelling. Some of the things that kept me balanced in 2008.



There's definitely a few things missing from the list that'll makes its way on here in the next few days. Anyways, work calls and I better scram. Here's to an upbeat 2009.

xend transmissionx

“My heart, my tools, my skills my fools, my (kilo)joules (part 2).”