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Where are they Now?

Song of the Day: Caithlin De Marrais - Voicemail

This is a part of a series of events (note: it's as if I have a documented series of these...) that takes a look at artists who've made my life that much more pleasant, but have disappeared from their respective pop/rock outfits. This edition features Caithlin Demarrais from the defunct Rainer Maria. This three-piece overwhelmed my college years with edgy pop and insulin shootin' sugary pop. I think they called it quits last year and I'm left with a debilitating sugar fix that never seems to be fulfilled. Luckily for me, Caithlin has branched off and started touring as a solo artist.

You can listen to the latest release from Caithlin here. Enjoy!

xend transmissionx

“Where are they Now?”