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Great Shows a Go Go

Song of the Day: Built to Spill - Goin' Against your Mind

I am definitely not a happy camper right now. What ever credibility MuchMusic had left in my books have been dashed in the past 2 weeks. Not only CTVglobemedia cancel television program The New Music, not now I've learned that Going Coastal has also been axed... WHAT THE SHIT are they doing? How is adding another trite reality TV show going to add variety to an already marginal television lineup? I guess if MuchMusic and open the minds and ears of innocent youth, they can just as easily take away that same gift. Shame on CTV diluting MuchMusic to every other station in the market.

Sure the formatting of television isn't the same as it used to be, but Much was always different from other stations. Why change now?
I knew something was up when the special shows were being scheduled at the most obscured timeslots possible. Fortunately for me, I happen to be awake at midnights on Sundays to find out what's happening both either coasts of Canada. And sure, I'll even reduce my cadence on the treadmill to be more attentative to the interviews and segments on the NewMusic every Monday. Those were the consessions I was willing to make in order to indulge in the few programs that MuchMusic had left that provided and redeeming journalist value.

Where am I going to discover that new band or see that hilarious interview with Nardwuar? With the way society is consuming information, I feel that the New Music and Going Coastal were on par and up to speed with how information was being digested. What is CTVglobemedia replacing these content-drive shows with in the longrun? Punk'd, Meet the Barkers, Disband, 50 Cent Money and the Power??? GET REAL!

The worst part of this was that both shows never got a final episode to thank its viewers. The cord was uncerimoniously pulled before the last breath was motioned. You count this fellow Canadian out for any MuchMusic-related event/show/whatever. I'm done.

xend transmissionx

“Great Shows a Go Go”