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But who's impressed when I get so depressed? I'm alone at the cinema again

Song of the Day: Thrush Hermit - From the Back of the Film

Music has yet to let me down (Let's hope it never does either). Music has been able to find a song for any anxiety I may or not be feeling at any moment. Instead of the 'music is my boyfriend' sentiment, how about 'music is my best friend. I'm talking BBF stylez yo. I've definitely been tapping the music well as of late for more familiarity and comfort. Things were so innocent and everything worked itself out, much like a self-cleaning oven.

Anyways, back to the music... To be more specific, music from the early to the mid 90s have me floating in an imaginary throw of pillows. I never owned a pair of Doc Martens or a nice and warm plaid coat, but it's about due time. I may not even shower for a few months too! That was cool back then wasn't it? Didn't Tres Cool copyright that look/smell? I think he brought in the sense of smell to the hipster persona with his signature
'je ne sais quoi' musk. Though the music was definitely during some troubling times, the music still came out happy as heck - in my mind at least. Can you be nostalgic and happy about music that dealt with troubling subjects? Who know, who cares, I love it, love it, love it...

Anyways, here's the song that suplexed me into a 90s time warp. Enjoy this nugget of a song from 1998 (though I said early to mid 90s, this think this is still apropos to this era of music).

xend transmissionx

“But who's impressed when I get so depressed? I'm alone at the cinema again”