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habits die hard...

Song of the Day: She & Him - Sentimental Heart

Wow, it's definitely been a while since I've tapped into this kegger of blogging. I guess I've been keeping busy. You know, standard foraging for food and supplies in preparation for the Autumn. It seems like yesterday that I was voicing my excitement for the summer. Ever since returning from my West Coast escapade, I've focused on enjoying what is dearest to me. This summer marked the first full year living in Toronto. I felt undone pressure to get to know my surrounding a bit better. Family, friends, and foes alike are going to expect I know something about my place of habitation. Tyranna is slowly, and agonizingly winning me over. I still have major hesitations and reservation
s of this place (You could never bee comfortable in the principles office right?). So things that has got me warming up to the big smoke:

1) Toronto International Film Fesitval
Locals must love and hate this event. You have celebrities pillaging through your lovely city while paprazzi jossle for the ultimate "Brangelina" photo. On the other hand, there is a plethora of intersting films are your disposal. Even though this is my first taste of movie madness, I think I could really get used to it. It's one more step meeting Larissa Olyenick! All I ask is for the fesitval organizers to upgrade their online ticketing system. It's totally archaeic.

2) Summer Concert Schedule
Not one week goes by in the city without an amazing musical act heavily laying a 'beat-down' to all too willing concert goers. I was hoping to see more, I am content that more shows will come. I was fortunate enough to see Two Hours Traffic, Duchess Says, Forest City Lovers, The D'Urbervilles, Maria Taylor, Jonathan Rice, Liam Finn, Laura Veirs, and Mates of State! If I didn't break my friend's camera, I'd post the photo of the coolest kats in organ rock - Kori and Jason. In consolation, here's me and Laura Veirs.

3) Recreational Sports I miss this stuff so much. I don't know how I forgot how much I love football, soccer and basketball. I can't wait for the new season to start. Whether it's competitive for considered a beer-drinking league, I welcome all recreational sports. I must say it's helped me acclimate to Torontonians. Randoms bumping into you or offering distasteful looks, really starts to wear at your impression of inhabitats of Toronto. The folks I've met throughout the summer in the sports league really made my summer. I look forward to many seasons of trash-talking and beer-drinking!

xend transmissionx

“habits die hard...”

  1. Anonymous Toronto realtor Says:

    Hi there, Hung. It seems it took you some time to get used to everyday habits of Toronto inhabitants. But you did it and I'm happy to hear that. You wonder why I show such interest into your life here? It's simple. I live here too and work as a Toronto realtor and I'm always happy to see some positive review of our city. :) TIFF has already started and I can't wait to finally see all those announced movies and screenings. (Viggo Mortensen,yayks!) I don't have time today and tomorrow but hopefully I'll find some gap in my timetable on Saturday. Are you going too? Take care, Julie