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Cross Functionality

Song of the Day: Madonna - Give it 2 Me

Cross Functionality - It's been the catch phrase of the moment. I love it how much it has been preached over the years to promote lateral movement opposed to rising amongst the ranks. Does cross functionality provide added value to personal growth? Long term, I would hazard a yes, but has it ever been cited as a lack in focus and direction? Seems like a catch 22 to me...

Anyways, the reason for this topic is increased instances of semi-famous celebrities seemingly out of there perceived environment. Whether we're shielded the celeb's personal life, during this day and age, I personally find it fascinating that some celebrities have a whole different side to them from their public persona. Does this mean that these b-listers are merely in the act of updating their curriculum vitae? Here's the list of celebs who are doing things totally different from their past life.

1) Brad Daugherty - All American basketball player from the state of North Carolina who is one of the greatest basketball players for the North Carolina Tarheel history. This five time all star was the first overall draft pick in the 1986 NBA entry draft and enjoyed right years as the starting centre/forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now you can find Brad as a NASCAR analyst on EPSN's NASCAR COUNTDOWN, NASCAR NOW, on ESPN! Totally wasn't I would have expected for a solid centre for the Cleveland Cavaliers. There are totally some stereotypes associated with NASCAR, but I don't think an ex- NBA all star would fit the mould. Way to go Brad!

2) Matt Dunigan - This declared CFL quarterback was a staple amongst the record books spanning the early 80s to mid 90s. This charismatic quarterback tried his hand as analyst for TSN's CFL coverage as well as several stints at coaching the sport he loved. Now in a turn of events, Mister Dunigan has his own TV series on the FoodNetwork called Road Grill. I guess all that time spent football, generated the desire to assemble a mirage of great culinary creations. To add to the TV series, Dunigan also has a cookbook to match. Easy on the salt and carcinogens Matt! wait, I think I see the grill is burning! Quick, audible and get you and you team outta the kitchen!

3) Bonecrusher - Lastly, I was flipping through the channels and low and behold, I saw Mister Crusher himself on Iron Chef America as a guess judge (Apparently, he;s been on twice now). I was hoping he would be more descriptive when critiquing the dishes. Maybe break out a little lyrical freestyle? This wasn't that great of a stretch, being a rapper and guest judge on a culinary show. Everyone's gotsta eat right? Attenchun!

xend transmissionx

“Cross Functionality”