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and that's the end to my lame story...

Song of the Day: Weezer - Sliver (Nirvana cover)

It's been 10+ years since I first saw weezer on an episode of Entertainment Tonight where they featured the works of Spike Jonze on the Buddy Holly video. Fortunately for me, people young and old alike, still have much love for Rivers and co. So much so that the Air Canada Centre was brimming with thick rimmed glasses, pocket protectors, and sheer nerdom. Boy, did I feel at home. From the very first note of 'My Name is Jonas' I was set reeling back to 1994 once again. Sweat beaded down my face and stinging my eyes, but I did not miss a single beat, lyric, pelvic thrust. I could still feel the butterflies (whether the age of 14 or 27). For an hour and a half, my life was perfect.

I must say it was the best =w= setlist I've ever been witness to and I've been to 6+ weezer shows in my life. One highlight was definitely Pat paying tribute to Noel Gallagher and belting out 'What's the story Morning Glory' and challenging any hooligan to try and un
earth him from the stage. Fortunately, there were no takers (Toronto doesn't seem so tough these days eh!). The ultimate highlight would have to be Weezer's (a la Goat Punishment) cover of Sliver (on the Bleach album - way before Dave Grohl had ever joined the band). Kurt would have been proud, Courtney would have demanded royalties, Dave Grohl would have air drummed the shit outta the track... A friend of mine mentioned that it'd probably be the only instance in our lifetime that we'd ever hear Sliver in a stadium setting. I took this opportunity to sing and dance like a baffoon. Kinda surprised that the people around me had no clue what song Weezer was playing... (shame). Anyways, hopefully my voice comes back to me. I need to speak at a meeting tomorrow.

Anyways, I'll tthrow some pictures up soon. Special thanks to Craigslist for hooking me up with some steller tickets. I don't think I could have sat any closer. Super respect knuckles goes out to the UW Alum who hooked me up proper (brap)!

UPDATE: Okay, so now my neck is tremedously sore. I think I maybe have taken up some head banging last night. If I knew I was going to head hang, I would prepared myself by wearing some old flannel shirt and scuffed army boots. Anyways, here are some photos from last night. Damn, I was close...

Tokyo Police Club

Angels and Airwaves - Yes Tom, please STOP and reconcile with Mark and Travis for the sake of music.

The Weez - Gimme so mo' Rivers!

xend transmissionx


“and that's the end to my lame story...”