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Stifle Copies of Myself

Song of the Day: Mates of State - My Only Offer

I've definitely been on a retrospective kick as of late, leaving me aspiring to be a Toy R Us kid again. Recent news from friends, family, foes alike have propelled me down a spiraling self-induced funk/"where-am-I-now" kinda conundrums. This shit seems to happens all the time now. It's funny what academic withdrawal syndrome can do to you (I'm coining this condition).

So with all this talk, thought and overall time spent on grown up stuff, how apropos to stumble upon a song that summarizes what I'm thinking about constantly. I've been hooked on Mates of State for some time now. This new album, Re-Arrange Us, raises the bar another level. I cannot wait to see Kori and Jason tour for this new release.

Bought a home we bartered right.
Two kids, Two car delight.
Posed pictures on the walls.
Small talk in the bedroom halls.

Can't make it home tonight.
Go to sleep but leave the light.
I pretend to make a call.
Loose talk into bedroom stalls.

Oh, oh, oh is my only offer.
Stifle copies of myself.
Oh, oh, oh, or someone else.

My friends they all agree.
Give in to our defeat.
In secret we believe,
We're nothing, nothing, nothing that we need.

Oh, oh, oh, is my only offer.
Stifle copies of myself.
Oh, oh, oh, or someone else.

I always wanted to be the face in front of me.
Debating a life sucked out the energy.
Build up a wall made out of finer things.
Piled in high so we could barely see it.

Oh oh oh is my only offer.
Oh, oh, oh, my only offer.

Oh, oh, oh, my only offer.
Stifle copies of myself.
Oh, oh, oh, it's all I have to offer.

xend transmissionx

“Stifle Copies of Myself”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Yup. I hear that... hope you are enjoying Seattle my man, catch ya when your back.