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At the summit and looking down

Song of the Day: Mates of State - Get Better

So this past weekend was my 2th birthday. 27... Doesn't it seem like 27 gets lost in the shuffle between 25 and 30? The only thing I can think of that happens at the age of 27 is iconic musicians calling ti quits to their lives at 27 a la Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin, Cobain etc.. Some have called it the 27 club. Is 27 the age where you begin the sharp decline? I already feel the aches and pains from decades of abuse and neglect. My knee is giving way and my gut is already bulging.

Even when I was out celebrating, I really wasn't feeling it anymore. Has even the celebratory birthday outing become overrated? I was gasped to even doubt the very thought, though it was too late. Luckily, the alcohol kicked in in pitch-perfect timing to sedate me to rest of the evening. Thought is a helluva drug. As a side note, I must say I was really surprised at the turnout. Some crucial friends really made a concerted effort to visit, which was awesome. Friends really do keep you sane.

All in all, I'm screwed... Happy Birthday to me...

xend transmissionx

“At the summit and looking down”