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Sweeter than the honey to the honey bee

Song of the Day: Fujiya & Miyagi - Ankle Injuries

I make no bones about it... I have a major crush on the uber sexy Tina Fey. She is hot fire. She's funny, sexy, and smart. Since her emergence from writing to the Weekend Update on SNL, she's been steaming up the camera with her wit, charm and sarcasm. All this was done from behind a desk in a 5-minute comedy sketch too!

Tina has recently stepped it up a couple of notches in the cool factor with her development of the hit sitcom 30 Rock. The show is littered with her humour, style, and flare. Coupled with the on and off air antics of Tracey Morgan, who can ask for a better show!?!?

Also, let's not forget her projects on the big screen. Mean Girls was funny as hell. Her new comedy, Baby Mama, is also hilarious. I had the chance to see Baby Mama and the title itself had me in stitches already. This movie also highlights a sexier side of Tina. Even though she always casts herself as the overworked bookworm (which she has totally mastered), there were some blatant scenes of a sexier Tina Fey. Don't believe me? Check out the movie for yourself.

What I'm trying to say here is that I'm looking for my very own Tina Fey and that you should check out Baby Mama!

(A) Bookworm Tina

(B) Melting sexpot Tina
xend transmissionx

“Sweeter than the honey to the honey bee”