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Gravity, why can't we keep it together.

Song of the Day: Switchfoot - Oh! Gravity

I've been so busy with work that all I ever think about is work. Lame, I know... Luckily, for me there have been 3 things that have somehow successfully pull from the grips of work:

1) Life of Ryan - Like everyone else who is cashing in on the reality TV craze, this phenom skateboarder/playboy is venturing into t.v. land via MTV. Because right now my life is boring and his is so much more glamourous. Oh, and his monologues are hilarious

2) Watching an Arsenal match - I don't know why I would even consider waking up at 8 or 9 A.M. on a weekend to watch soccer, but I do. I even doll myself up to go to a pub and watch the game. Though sometimes it could be entertaining a watching paint dry, it's worth it.

3) Survivorman - This guy is dilerious and cool at the same time. I think about how I just saw this guy eat a piece of meat with dog feces on it. Ridic...

Give me something else to be fixated on, please!

Oh, and as a side note, I had a weird thing happen to me the other day( Well, not that weird). Anyways, I was heading into a music shop to pick up tickets for an upcoming show I really wanted to see. Low and behold, the band I wanted to see was playing an in-store show as I go to buy their tickets. Karma, baby!

xend transmissionx

“Gravity, why can't we keep it together.”