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The Distance Between Us

Song of the Day: Vampire Weekend - A-Punk

Sometimes you work at such a frenetic pace that you forget to stop and smell the flowers... I just realized that I passed my one year mark with my current employer. I remember going into the position that that was a big task for me. To come out alive and unscathed is a formidable accomplishment. Now with that in my pocket, what's next?

March is such a great time to be a sports fan. Hockey and basketball is gearing up for playoffs, so professional athletes actually play defense. But the crown jewel of it all would have to be March Madness --NCAA mens basketball. The big dance, the big show. Games upon games, upon games. It's my saving grace pulling me away from my work. Thank you CBS and the Score network!

As much as I talk about work and stuff, I still managed to remove myself from the hustle and bustle of the city and visit family and friends back home. It was soo good to see everyone again. As far apart in life stages or physical distance, we still converse as if we saw each other everyday. It's truly amazing. I'm so grateful for that.

All in all, I'm feeling pretty lucky right now. Thanks.

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“The Distance Between Us”