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"What I lack in accuracy, I make for in enthusiasm"

Song of the Day: Say Anything - Alive with the Glory of Love

There has been a surging occurrences of online celebrities with the likes of Tom & Tila Tequila etc claiming their 15 minutes of fame... All of them are fine and dandy, but not one who would capture my attention. To my surprise, I stumbled upon a youtube treasure last week by the name of Julia Nunes. So how did this online superstar steal my attention you ask? Well, I was miffed that I had never of this band, Say Anything, so I did what any curious surfer would do and youtube till I find an answer. For some reason (I'll let the techno-savvy explain it to me), but this video was the first to appear:

Needless to say, I was blown away by Julia's rendition. I then decided to check out the actual song by the band and was totally disappointed. How could a college kid whose recording two-bit videos outshine a legitimate band? I can't explain it either, but she got my attention and I'm hooked! I think she keeps the integrity of the song in tact, but adds a dash of her personality or each one of them. All killer!

I'm excited to see what else she will post for the world. Her Ukulele skills are stellar! Check out some of these other videos!

xend transmissionx


“"What I lack in accuracy, I make for in enthusiasm"”