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Staggered Social Setting

Song of the Day: The Neighbourhood Noise - Another Face in the Crowd

Words tend to lose its meaning after a while. Things just become bland while people are constantly struggling to find their salt shaker to inject some life into their mundane schedule. Work, sleep, work sleep, same repetitive cycle slowly baking into conscience. No wonder people don't ever want to wake up!?! I had this belief when I was younger that if I were to sleep excessively, I would be missing out on the world. There's too much I haven't seen yet. Nowadays, it's more me dreading the fact I have to wake up to face the world. How did my perspective change in all but two years?

In other news, the Christmas holidays are quickly approaching. I'm looking forward to it year. I'll finally have some time to visit some close friends and family. It's been a while since I've ventured back to my stable. I know some of my friends fear the life outside of townie bubble. All one ever wants in life is to be somewhat content and comfortable. Why risk a level of personal security for the sake of something different. I think the best thing to do is to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. It's either you're ready for change or not. Whatever happens, happens. You just have to deal with it. For me, I'm currently dealing with it. Whether my head is in one place or another, I have to keep focus of where I am and what I want to do here. There are no textbooks or exams guiding me to the right answer. I'm finding an answer I'm confident in myself.

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“Staggered Social Setting”