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Clean Up on aisle #9

Song of the Day: The Pixies - Gouge Away

So I've been getting an influx of flyers and and random junk mail as of late. This could signify only one thing - Christmas season. As much as it is about family and sharing, let's face it, it's shifted to a major consumer consumption season. Sales galore... Anyways, my agitation of the day goes to the online shopping. I figure I would avoid the made scramble and the shop in the comforts of my own room. I came upon a website, which advertises their holiday season sales and their online-exclusive sales. So the premise is you click on what you want to buy, you enter a credit card number, fill in some information and about a month later you should receive something. Easy right? Wrong. Apparently, some places do not sell to Canadian customers. Their websites are exclusive to the United States only! What a major piss off! You would think that if there is an online shopping capability to a website that shopping would be allowed no matter the geographical barrier. Granted there are some definite roadblocks to the online shopping realm. But if an international corporation advertises it's understanding of a nouveau stream of sales, then it would work to its clientèle, whether London, England or Bangladesh! Canada is a rather industrialized country, we should be allowed to participate in online shopping.

So to retail corporations out there who offer online shopping functionalities, get your shit together. Either offer it to everyone or don't offer it at all! Now, I'm forced to sharpen my elbows and head to the nearest mall and battle my way through lineups and disregard all the screaming and crying children of the madness we cal
l holiday shopping. Ugh...
xend transmissionx

“Clean Up on aisle #9”