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“The biggest thing to come out of Canada since Pamela’s double d’s!”

Song of the Day: Shad K - Get Up

I guess it's been due time for a post. Though the topic of this particular blog-edition is rather dated, I still think it deserves my 3 1/2 cents (given the value of the Canadian dollar). Anyways, I had the chance to attend the CD release party for up and coming artist Shad K. This Canadian artist has been terrorizing my eardrums for at least a year now and his CD release show raised the bar for expectation for the next show I see. Shad is a soulful hip hop artist that uses his lyrics to tell a story or convey a message. Shad takes you of the beaten trail and leads you to a different path to a quest for glory. I think I identify with this Canadian wonder more than the other hip hop artists around based on our somewhat backgrounds. Some of the references in his lyrics takes me back to certain times in my youth that were never talked about before. I mean, I too have had dreams about someday winning my fantasy basketball pools as well. I just feel what he's sayin' you know!

Anyways, back to the show... You know when you're flipping through the radio and listen to a Canadian urban music radio station and the Can-con effect kicks in, you can totally tell which artists are Canadian. There's something about the flow that just separates it from the music South the of 49th. Canadian hip hop artists seem to lack a extra polish or finish. So when it came time to see Shad live, I was worried I'd be let down. Needless to say, I have not seen a better show in my life. Shad delivered with pinpoint precision with a style and grace that is most organic - totally original. I was surprised how well his lyrics were delivered while playing the guitar. It was as if Wyclef was in the house. His show embraced a vibrancy and vitality unwitnessed before. Overall, Shad not only revealed his new music to an eager audience, but he also showed how much of an entertainer he is really is. I think most up and coming artists in Canada focus solely on the final product that the audience won't take anything away from a live performance. Fortunately for Shad, he's mastered both song and showmanship with great poise. Here is a sample from Earwaks.com

Anyways, I've been spreading my gospel that is Shad K to all my friends. I'm sure they're all sick of it by now, so I figure why not blog about it? Before Shad is discovered in the US, check out his myspace account. You can thank me later.

xend transmissionx


““The biggest thing to come out of Canada since Pamela’s double d’s!””