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Spooktackular Costume Ideas

Song of the Day: M.I.A. - Paper Planes (remix w/ Bun B & Rich Boy)

Alright, Alright, some of you have been in deep thought about what to wear this coming Halloween. No one wants to be the lamewad who shows up to a costume party with an unoriginal getup. I've done it too many times to want to do it again. So to help generate some ideas, here are some suggestions for Halloween costumes 2007:

Michael Vick

  • He is the Crocodile Hunter of 2007. I couldn't find any good photos of Vick and a dog. Go figure...
Isiah Thomas
  • Watch those hands grabby! It's already cost your organization 3.8 million in punitive damages. Get it together!
  • Sharks belong on Colbert's Threat down countdown. Move over bears!
  • 'Cause he was the first fuzzy & cuddly character on the scene. Barney had shit on Grimace
xend transmissionx


“Spooktackular Costume Ideas”