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Play Ball!

Song of the Day: Blur - There's No Other Way

Sometimes you can't help it but notice how weird a situation really is. The weekend was a rather weird one, which resulted in much time spent in reflection and evaluation. It was more prominent than others weekends, but I think I've seen to come to some sort of conclusion as to what the situation is, how is has unfolded, and what I need to do to be content. I had a good talk just to flush everything out and help rationalize some of the things that were going on that really bothered me.

I met up with an old family friend who happened to be visiting from the West, which was really great. Even though there wasn't much to talk about reminiscing about the past and discovering who you are is very rewarding. I think this friend was on a journey of finding his identity and it was very flattering that I was part of his quest of self evaluation of his past.

Speaking of friends, another friend of mine got me to make the trek down to
the Taste of Danforth festival. It's stuff like this that I was really looking forward to - having a reason to go somewhere that I'm not accustomed to visiting. Of course there were tonnes of crying babies and loud squaking Asians, but all in all it made for a pretty fun time laughing and pointing at people. Ahh, just like the university days. I'm looking forward to more outings like this.

Thirdly, this weekend marked the arrival of the Barclays English Premiere League. This means I'll be waking up early on Saturday mornings sipping on my Tim Hortons Honey Lemon Tea (watch those calories!!!) watching some phenomenal futbol action. I have a fantasy soccer pool if anyone wants to join. E-mail me and I'll send you the deets.

xend transmissionx

“Play Ball!”