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Cardboard as a Pork substitute!

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This article from yesterday's news is messed, but it doesn't surprise me one bit. China is severely over-populated and people need to eat no matter how expensive pork or whatever meat it is. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I don't blame the guy for doing it. I'm sure all the other food stands in China are using the same recipe. Although, this one particular person's career is now ruined while many others were concocting the same recipes for who knows what. I wonder if Mc Donalds is shaking in the big red boots? I always thought their burgers tasted like cardboard. Oh no!

It's kind of twisted, but don't you think the Chinese onto something here? I mean, we're always looking to adopt the 3 Rs of REDUCE, RE-USE, RECYCLE, but this is fairly different take on RECYCLE. I know our body doesn't have the natural enzymes to breakdown cellulose or what have you, but isn't it just another form of recycling? Sure it may sound disgusting right now, but I'm betting we'll see something like this appear more frequently as our natural resources decline. Most of our food we see in grocery stores are already loaded with chemicals and additives. So cardboard? Why not?

On a similar topic, I know I've seen a segment of chefs in the Chicago area and I remember this chef actually cooks by printing his food with different liquid mixtures. I remember the kitchen being totally off the wall sterile , filled with steaming beds etc. It's more like a laboratory than a kitchen. The chef is named Homaro Cantu.

All in all, this story is more shocking that someone in China was caught in the act of substituting products that were somewhat "out-of-the-norm" in today's Western society. Surely, if it was presented in a tasteful (no pun intended) manner, I think we could be onto something big. It'll be interesting to see what becomes of this isolated incident and where the frequency of "recycled" or "non-traditional" items that aren't usually considered edible in he near future.

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“Cardboard as a Pork substitute!”