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encore, one more song...

Song of the Day: Voxtrot - Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives

I must say that I haven't been a rock show in quite some time. Shows have been something I really enjoy going to in the past. I would try and go to at least one a month. Oh, the good ole days of calltheoffice. It seems to me that going to shows is more of a hassle for some reason. I'm leaving more shows less satisfied by the bands I see more and more. Granted the last show was good, but I was rather flummoxed by the song selection. Voxtrot is from Texas (I think?) and have traveled to Canada maybe once before? I was peeved that the band left out my favourite song from the playlist - Rise Up In the Dirt. Granted it's from an older EP, but they're a relatively new band to Canadians and they only have 4 EPs of material. My theory is if you're in unchartered territory tour-wise, you might as well play all your songs. I'm just getting old and my patience is running thin with everything. Things like this would not have bothered me 5 years ago. I should just be glad Voxtrot made it into Canada.

Other than my rant above, there's been a culmination of things that have prevented me from enjoying my love for music:

1. Lack of Energy - work really does take its tole on you
2. Band Cancellations - if you book it, you might as well play it
3. Opening Acts - There should be a rule where opening acts should not play more than 7 songs
4. Show Companions - I had my set group of friends who attended shows with me &now they're gone

xend transmissionx


“encore, one more song...”