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the ill communication

Song of the Day: Frances Gall - Laisse Tomber Les Filles

I've been thinking about many things lately, but I just can't conjure up the right words to express what I think. As of late, I constantly catch myself not finishing sentences when I talk. I find this very annoying and I don't know how to stop it. I don't think I've had this problem in the past and I swear this has appeared out of nowhere. Just imagine talking to someone and the person starts into a sentence and trails off midstream. It could be taken as if the person is dismissive and not interested in the conversation. I seriously do not intend on doing this, but I feel as if I draw a blank.I should be confident in what I say. It's just not being translated that when when my thought is being vocalized. I also discovered that if I drink alcohol this "fading speech" inversely becomes a boisterous crescendo of thought. So does this mean I only like myself when I drink? nahhhhh...

Another topic that has bothered me somewhat as of late is the whole social networking fade. I'll call it a fad because I predict it'll get annoying over time. Anyways, a friend once vehemently vowed not to ever use the services of any social networking tool. Now this person all consumed by banners, lists, top eights, gifts and what have you within worlds of facebook, myspace, friendster, high 5 etc... Even the strongest of wills have been broken down to succumb to social networking. I have no problems with these sites and I've seen some positives from them. What I am concerned about is the true benefit of social networking. Yes, Suzy could be friends with Michael, but has either of them actually socialized in person or further continued their friendship? Does these social networks really enhance ones social skills? There are definitely some great arguments for both sides. I personally see myself getting lazier socially. Knowing what your friends are up to is a mere key strokes away. Social networking increases your overall grasp on friends' lives and current events, but it takes away from the interaction that probably made you friends in the first place. What I have coined "social laziness" could have attributed to my problem in the first thought. Basically, I could one hiding behind this virtual "wall" all the while these sites are being marketed as a great social networking tools.

What ever am I to do?

xend transmissionx


“the ill communication”