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alright, whos ready for blood doping?

Song of the Day: Modest Mouse - Dashboard

I'm definitely not made for running, but somehow I was coerced into running a 20K relay race this week for charity. It was a department event and my friend convinced me months ago that it was really easy and you could walk if you wanted to. He described it as mostly a free pizza and beer kinda event. Who turns down free beer and pizza? Anyways, as time crept closer to the event, everyone was pretty serious/nervous about run times etc... Needless to say, I was really nervous as I haven't ran in years and my torso might buckle from underneath me at any moment. I'm a big guy. No one should put them through the pain I went through. I definitely wasn't looking forward to the run to say the least. It made it worse because everyone around me would talk about the preparation and training times for this event.

Once the day came, the air quality was horrible and it was sunny and humid all day. As I passed people in their toned and lean bodies, I was really worried about not finishing a race. People who were at this event were seriously hardcore. I mean it was a charity run, but people were really taking it seriously. Anyways, I got up tot he line to wait for my partner to tag me before running. At that point, I felt relieved to get the run over with.

The end result was that I wasn't as in bad shape as I thought. The course ended up being somewhere between 5 to 6 kilometres around the CNE, but more heavily weighted to the 6 KM mark.I didn't manage to run the whole course, but I did finish it and felt good afterwards. I can say I ran in a race. I just hope my legs aren't rubbery anymore. The best news is that we didn't finish last. 297th of 347isn't that bad is it?

xend transmissionx


“alright, whos ready for blood doping?”