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Sorry, I'm late...

Song of the Day: Everclear - Nehalem

It has occurred to me that since university, I've been known to be very tardy for everything. This is especially so when meeting up with friends. It's been so bad that people have built in a 45 minute window before I arrive. I think some have coined it the "Hung Rule". I always joke about it with my friends, but it has always lingered in the back of my mind. Being tardy doesn't really bode well for first impressions either. It shows that I don't care or have a lack of respect for another person's time. Today was a definite case where my time management came into question again and it caused me to block everything out and think about how much of an ass I am to constantly be late. People think it's weird that I set my clocks 22 minutes fast, but if it wasn't for that I'd be late for everything. I know my tardiness will lead some to not take me seriously and thats' what scares me. I really value friendships and my inept ability to be anywhere on time would really reflect badly on me.

Anyways, to all my friends and family, I apologize for being such a daft prick. I should make it a point to be early for things. I know for a fact that I have upset many friends based on my tardiness. Honestly, I don't do ti to make a late entrance. There is definitely no "dramatic entrances" in mind here. Being more timely should be my New Year's resolution. Heh, I'm even late in making a New Year's resolution...

xend transmissionx


“Sorry, I'm late...”

  1. Blogger .::Hung::. Says:

    And to add to this, I think I was late for a meeting the next morning...

  2. Anonymous Nikki Bradley Says:

    haha, Hung! This is such a Nicole thing too. I really don't do it purposefully, and I agree, subconsciously people can take it as a lack of respect or try for power from the tardy individual. However, this is never my intention and I absolutely hate it. I seriously think chronic tardiness is a horrible characteristic that is very hard to overcome! We can do it!! Good luck with it!