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I feel like ass

Song of the Day: silence

Man, do I hate being sick. I've had this terrible sore throat since I've moved, which has prevented me from really enjoying my new surroundings. Now, the sore throat has so swollen that I can feel the pressure its causing my right ear. I've gone through four sampler bottles of Robitussin, 1 container of Neo Citron - Sore throat and congestion, and almost a container of Advil. Needless to say, I'm one well-medicated chap.

To make matters worse, I've had to opt out of such holidays and celebrations such as my birthday and Mother's Day due to this nasty imflammation. No sickness has ever carried through 3 consecutive. Please mister sore throat, go away before the May long weekend begins. I'll buy you some ice cream and we'll call it even.

xend transmissionx


“I feel like ass”