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By the Power of Grey Skull!

Song of the Day: Cadence Weapon - Oliver Square

It's been exactly six days since moving into the new pad. The place pretty cool. It's just too bad I haven't been able to enjoy the place as much due to this horrible sore throat. I think I got it while moving. I don't care how much planning is done. Moving is a pain. This one was especially difficult, given the circumstances. But now, the place looks nice. Kerni's parents worked their magic and made the place very cozy. My room is a little bare, but it pretty much holds almost everything I own. The walls could use a poster or some artwork, but I'm sure I'll find something to put up. Even though the pad is surrounded by bullies of buildings, we get alot of sun coming into the livingroom. Friends need to come visit soon before the place becomes a mess. If you're in Toronto, stop by and stay for a drink!

xend transmissionx


“By the Power of Grey Skull!”