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wash, rinse, and repeat

Song of the Day: The Silent Authors - The Invisible Hand

Steve Jobs has got to love me. He must have envisioned someone(thing) like me when he made the call to design portable mp3 players. I am the bumbling idiot who is the ultimate iPod demographic: one who unknowingly ruins his/her ipod just after a year of use and goes out and buys another one. It's not that I mean to do it on purpose, shit just happens. A guy has to do his laundry, you know!

Today I cooked yet another iPod using the same techniques as previous murder/death/washes: death by washing machine. It would have been cooler if I ruined doing something extreme like beaver wrestling, while skydiving. One would think that would be a common mistake given that these devices are getting smaller and lighter by each release. Surely, there would be an instance where you accidentally misplace it in a weeks' laundry.
Apparently, I do not learn from previous mistakes. This is the third time I have tossed a helpless iPod into the hollow cylinder of death. Soap, then suds and then its lights out! It's been 4 years and 3 iPods . Oh when will I learn. Hopefully, the next one comes washing machine safe.

xend transmissionx

“wash, rinse, and repeat”