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Our love is dark thoughts as it is bright lights...

Song of the Day: Sam Roberts - With a Bullet

I'm a tad bit agitated at the moment because Firefox crashed and I had the majority of my thoughts erased. So below is a rehash of some of my sentiments as of late...

Today marks the end of a six-week (mis)adventure of "living out a suitcase", but more of living out a smelly gym bag. As bad as it sounds, it was very positive experience. Firstly, living under someone else's sleeping schedule forced me rectify my sleeping patterns, which was a major bonus. This has been something that I have struggled in controlling in recent memory. Secondly, I've had no problems falling into a deep slumber on the couch. A definite 'high five' is in order for mister couch, who didn't put me through the rigors of discomfort. Finally, since it wasn't my place, I was forced to work around others' schedules. This meant I would be waking up earlier than needed and therefore I would be earlier in getting myself ready for the day. With all this being said, I anxiously await sleeping in my comfy bed.

Many of you have been asking whether I was excited about this move. The long and short of it can be summarized with a HECK YES. I'm finally leaving the mundane grips suburban Mississauga to the shackles of Toronto. The relocation is more of a catch 22 based on a series of mixed feelings. Looking forward, it's going t be great living with a friend again. But in hindsight, the move will unveil some deep scars that have been coagulating to form a most memorable experience. As I advance forward, these scars are attached, reminding me of a of a grey past. The faster I move on, the better I say. I'm looking at this move as a chance to start all over and fully intend to right any wrongs I have made in the past.

xend transmissionx


“Our love is dark thoughts as it is bright lights...”