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My love for you is as deep as a coalmine

Song of the Day: Calexico - Ocean of Noise

As an avid sports fan, I can't help but notice the amount of sports games televised as of late. April-May is the penultimate time of a sports nut. No matter the sport, players are playing harder, fans are cheering louder than before, and the games actually mean something. Sport should perpetually be in 'playoff' mode throughout. Another thing I have noticed is the scheduling for playoff games. Since revenues for the playoff season are more lucrative than the regular season. What I've been are playoff games are sporadically dispersed to maximize television coverage. Teams could have several days of rest in between games. To the fans, maximizing playoff coverage, equates to view more games, increased number of advertised spots, which leads to increased revenue. The only issue with maximizing television coverage would be the loss of a true home team advantage. Games are so far spaced that teams are flying home in the middle of the series to avoid the hoopla of the playoffs. For example, in the Raptors vs. Nets game, New Jersey was able to fly out of Toronto and miss all the media coverage around former Raptor, Vince Carter. Does this mean that the true sense of home field advantage slowly becoming a thing of the past?

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“My love for you is as deep as a coalmine”