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in -->> culture <<-- out

Song of the Day: Minnie Riperton - Lovin' You

Daaaaymn, it's been a while since I've updated this thing! So much has happened since the last post... All of which deserve their own paragraph, so here goes...

Culture out --- I was part of a restructuring scheme in late February, so out I went...
Culture inn --- Later that day, I was accepted into another family. Welcome to new culture

The first week of March, I traveled to Vancouver to visit some crucial friends out West. My time out there was awesome. My friends made the trip that much better. I had two personal tour guides shuttling me throughout Vancouver and Burnaby throughout the week. I don't think I could have eaten anymore than I did. Before this trip, I hated fusion food, but now I say 'bring it on!'. I also discovered that Granville IslandBreweries: English Bay Pale Ale has a refreshing, yet delicate taste! haha

It's surprising how many U-Dub peeps are residing out there. Some I've met from Renison, a few from bands and Weavers, and others from classes. To give you a glimpse of how awesome my week was out there, I was walking back to a friend's place on a typically rainy day when I came to a bus stop. There, a long and curly haired Sean stood from the Five-Year-Old-gig-in-Barrie days. We ended up walking the same direction and caught up on old times and past and present living situations. Another great Waterloo moment was meeting up with my boy 'Dallas' (Craig). It's good to hear that he started a new band with a fellow U dubber. The new CD is great and I hope more is to come.

I also had a chance to check out the Do Make Say Think rock show at Richards on Richards. By far one of the better venues I've been too in a while. The place caters to the vertically challenged like myself. I was at the very back of the place and could see the band perfectly fine. Total bonus.

Since there were so many more people left to meet up with, I've decided to make it an action item to visit Van City once again. Maybe this time, I'll listen to Glenn and come sometime in the summer... in the summer... Good times man!

xend transmissionx

“in -->> culture <<-- out”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Hey Hung!
    Haven't heard from you in awhile..did you get a new job? Your vancouver trip sounds awesome. We should get togeterh give me a shout!!