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counting sheep

Song of the Day: Broken Social Scene - Lover's Spit

I have a problem sleeping. Though it may not be effecting my life in an active way, the story behind the scenes is that it's waring down my health. This maybe have something to do with the habits I had during my school days, but it's been almost two years now and it seems to have gained momentum in keeping me awake more and more lately.

This past weekend I decided to go home for a well-deserved visit of my folks and little cousins. Even with terrible weather conditions looming, I still made the trek down there. It ended up taking twice as long to get home than usual. I got home leaving the blistering weather outside as I was welcomed by my mother. I ended up trying to get an early night sleep but I ended up staring at the ceiling till like 2:00 am by a drunken phone call (was this a voice mail drunken phone message gone wrong?). My night of tossing and turning continued throughout the night to the point where it was 7:00 and the EPL matches were on the tube. Its funny to think you can't even sleep in your parent's home. One would think that this place would be one of the safest spots and the protection by your parents would keep you as ease to sleep. Usually, I'm a log when I sleep in odd environments, so this was rather shocking.

I would describe my mind as being very overactive and thus leading me to stay awake and think about things that really have no sudden conclusion. If you can picture a short film being played repeatedly with sudden pauses at each action frame that would be something I would be visualizing as the night goes by. I remember hearing somewhere that the good dreams are the ones where you can't remember a thing about them once you wake up. Now wouldn't it be neat to be able to record that dream so that you can play it back the next day? I'd love to be able to see what my brain comes up with in regards to scheduling cinematic dreams. I'm sure some sleep analysis specialist has already come up with such device. It just needs to be commercialized for consumer use. I do recall the musical score to my dreams being amazing as well. C'mon Stevie J(obs), bring this to market for the consumers will ya? Maybe in an 60GB form?

Back in high school, I discussed my sleeping problems with my quirky music teacher who gave me lavender oil to rub on my pillow. Apparently, it's supposed to put you to sleep or something. I don't recall it ever working, but I'm sure it did b/c I can't remember not sleeping well after the oil. My grade eleven history teacher recommended eating some sort of protein to put you to sleep. For some reason, I see myself eating a turkey leg to be the most helpful thing to do to try and fall asleep.

I guess you could say this sleeping condition carried over to university too, but everyone was awake till the wee hours of the morning anyways, so I wasn't alone nor did I find it a problem. I remember those late nights being some of the best times in college. The latter half of college involved me staying up really late studying, snacking, or debating over the most meticulous details of course notes or current events. So it wasn't really me having a hard time to sleep. I wanted to stay up.

Anyways, all the fun is gone, so rest should come naturally. The odd thing is that it's not happening. Instead, I lay restless fidgeting the night away. Anyone have any good home remedies? Also, I'm not lactose intolerant, but I'm not a fan of warm milk.

I sometimes dream of flying. Something like this...

xend transmissonx


“counting sheep”

  1. Blogger Melly Says:

    Hey Hung, you should try not eating anything for an hour before you go to bed, it always helps me. If I eat right before bed I end up having these wierd dreams that wake me up, like when I dreamed about tumbling down a hill with Lance Armstrong and then couldn't move my neck this morning.

    P.S. Sorry I didn't notice your posting on my blog until today...I am clueless

  2. Blogger Smike Says:

    This is lame but if I can't sleep I focus my mind by picking my starting 11 for Arsenal, and then the backup 11. I compare between currently selectable players (no injured players) and what my ideal starting 11 would be... It works most of the time... I think...

  3. Blogger Ashok Kumar Says:

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