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And Cobra Commander takes the game

Song of the Day: Masters and Moderns - The Owls are Not What They Seem

Did anyone catch "
Keys to the VIP" tonight on Comedy Central at around 10:30? For those of you who might not know what the show is about (I didn't know either until tonight), it's a competition between two combatants to "pick up" the ladies given specific scenarios. There is a panel of judges who determine who wins each round and artist points.

Tonight's particular competitors were John a.k.a. Wilk vs 'Cobra Commander' Phil. Not just any regular 'Phil', but Phil Williams of the defunct
Kitchens and Bathrooms and now of the Inflation Kills. Let's just say it was one of the funniest 22-minutes I've ever seen come out of Comedy Central. Phil killed the ladies with kindness and a whole lotta weirdness. This equates to some mad mad mackin' skillz yo! Here's an outline of the competition:

Game #1: "Love at First Sight" - Each player must initiate a pick-up by admitting that he's fallen in love at first sight.

Game #2: "The Comedian" - Each player must pretend they are a working comedian and must get a woman's opinion about his "new Material".

Game #3: "Quiet on the Set" - During a pick-up, each player must ask her to be quiet while he intensely listens to the music playing for 30 sec because it reminds him of his grandmother.

xend transmissionx

“And Cobra Commander takes the game”