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a mental V-chip

Song of the Day: The Futureheads - Decent Days and Nights

Much has been made of Saddam Hussein's death penalty over the past weekend. Whether it was the right or wrong decision and with all information aside, the result is another person is now dead.

The recent news of regarding this dictator's death was the amateur video made by someone with a fancy cell phone in the chamber where Saddam was killed. Footage of this execution has been circulating like wildfire. I'm sure many have seen the video. Yesterday, I had the chance to check it out for myself, but I had a hard time time to convincing myself to watch such video.

Even with the recent
news regarding the ineffectiveness or inhumanity of the lethal injection, I would still prefer that over hanging someone. Lethal injection is much less of a spectacle and hopefully less 'Youtube' worthy.

I don't think I'll ever willingly watch it. For some reason, I feel bad to view someone's death, whether he or she was the mastermind behind any heinous crime. Is there something wrong with me? I should ask Ann Landers

xend transmissionx

“a mental V-chip”