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I'm bring eighties back, hyeah!

Song of the Day: Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy

Music channels are just not what they used to be. Canadians were once blessed with Muchmusic for a while until CHUM bastardized their programming to stay relevant to their count parts South of the border. So when did good programming die? To me, I think it happened around the time Muchmusic started shuffling their specialty shows to obscure time slots like 11:00 am (French Kiss) or the Wedge, which flip-flopped between Friday and Saturday nights at 11:00 pm. It wasn't like the content was explicit or anything. They just had t make way for more top 40 material. I remember back in high school where I would rush home so I could catch Sook-Yin Lee or the British accent of Simon Evens (who was your favourite Muchmusic VJ?). I guess it was the intention of CHUM all along to make way for their laugh of specialty channels and premium offerings. Okay, enough of this diatribe...

So has anyone ever told you that they were into everything eighties or eighties music? Being an eighties-born child, I was eased into a decade of plumed hair, pastels, synthesizers, nylons, spandex, see through stockings for the hands (armings?), fanny packs. Anyways, you get the picture. I would say musicians in those times were definitely over-the-top to the point where some bands made a name for themselves on their style rather than their music. I wont give examples, but I'm sure there were tonnes of them and I don't want to upset you if I named a band or group you liked. To get to my point, everyone loved the eighties in general, but for me, I declare that 1984 was the only year i liked out of the eighties. So I claim that I loved 1984!!! Screw the other years, 1984 is it for me. I think this was the time my family relocated to Ontario and this brought a new fondness of music in general. I remember shakin' ass to some Michael Jackson and choreographing my own dance moves. My adoration for 1984 stemmed from a VH1 special on my favourite year. I've seen other episodes of the other ten years, but they pale in comparison. Musically & socially, 1984 was superior to the rest.

1984 was the year not to be forgotten because of the follow reasons:

  • The Cosbys made the NBC lineup. Everyone loved the Cosbys, EVERYONE!
  • This was the year Madge came out with one of her best albums, nah her best album ever The "Boss" was at his prime showing us guys that dudes can dance too.
  • Tina Turner showed her legs and shares her pain from that Ike character
  • Prince comes out with one of the most famous movie/soundtrack combinations ever
  • and many many more
There's definitely more to this post... I'll just have to edit this later on.

xend transmissionx

“I'm bring eighties back, hyeah!”