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The year that was...

Song of the Day: Rock Kills Kid - I Turn My Camera On (Spoon cover)

So let's get 2006 over with already. Not one of my better years, but I will have to live through 365 days of it (plus or minus the leap year BS). I guess you can say this was the year that music really helped me through the dreadful abyss. So in homage to music of 2006, here is my list of symphonious sounds that perked my dreary ears...

*** EDIT - I initially only intended to have five, but I couldn't help myself. ***

Band of Horses - Everything all the Time
Another installment from the Sub Pop label. This label can't really go wrong can they? I would say this disk is at its best when your lounging around reading a novel and you're looking for something atmospheric and soothing.

The Sounds - Dying to Say this to You
A late addition to the list, but worthy nonetheless. The Snarl of Maja Ivarsson is one that captivates the most tiring car rides. Hives + sexy vocalist + keyboards = made my list for 2006. period.

Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS) - Selft Titled

As I get older, the more I tend to appreciate electronic music and dancey stuff. CSS are my immediate replacement for the now defunct controller.controller (Let's face it, if Narmala is gone, it won't be the same). Simple, poppy, dance tracks with funny titles. People who don't want to get down can step aside.

Classified - Hitch Hikin' Music
This is the year Hung got back into hip hop. Class sets us off with some pretty cool beats and rhymes that relates to the Canadian kid growing up in the suburbs. This disk was just the tip of the iceberg of Classified's records. Check out his discography and have a listen to "Boy-Cottin the Industry".

Shad K - When this is Over

I'm not sure if this even came out in 2006, but whatevs... Canada's own hip hop heavyweight tantalizing the ears of his listeners with witty wordsmith productions akin to some old school story-tellin' emcees. I can't wait for his new disk to drop. Some of his stuff is already posted on myspace.

Ratatat - Classics
This goes along the lines of me wanting to shake ass and get down. Hip hop beats and killer guitar effects... The best of both worlds. This duo, now turned trio, will have you raisin' the roof cuttin' rug in no time. Catch a live show if you can.

Mates of State - Bring it Back

Yet another duo that produces more sound than any four-piece rock outfit. The vocal harmonies are killer and Kori Gardner belts out every note as if it's her last. I'm hoping much more is still come from this band. If you haven't given them a catch, you're missing out on something big here. Have a listen before I can say "told you so".

There are a tonne more that I have forgotten to add such as:

The Junior Boys - So This is Goodbye
The Decemberists - The Crane Wife
Final Fantasy - He Poos Clouds
The Blow - Paper Television
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Show Your Bones
Girl Talk - Night Ripper
T.I - King

Let's hope 2007 can trump the output from 2006 and open more listeners to great music.

xend transmissionx

“The year that was...”