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Who Makes Steve Gutenberg a star.. We do.

Song of the Day: The Clipse - Trill

I guess I haven't really written anything in a while, but tonight I'm up for sharing some thoughts that have been circulating my melon like that lost piece of luggage rounding baggage claim.

As we near 2007, I guess it's about time I move into the technological age. I decided to take the plunge into the video gaming console market. I've been reluctant make the move because

  1. my last console was a Nintendo and that was over 15 years ago
  2. I don't play video games
  3. I play usually to trash talk anyways :)
So when I learned that one of my friends would be working for a video gaming giant and could get games at a discounted price, I couldn't resist! So the logic was 'if I get my friend to buy me a shit tonne of games, then I'll have to get a video gaming console'. I've rationalized that I've already invested money into getting the games, so why not the gaming console right? I'll have to keep you posted on this. If the Guitar Hero series ever comes out for XBOX 360, let me know.

In gaming related news, I've been thinking about the old games that I used to play when I was a kid. One of the games that I really enjoyed button mashing to was Contra by Konami. If any of you played this game or any Konami game, you've most likely heard of the "Konami Code". No, it's not a secret brotherhood of the demented, rather it's a universal cheat code of the game where you enter press the gaming controllers in a particular sequence resulting in unlimited luxuries for the gamer. This 'code' will be forever ingrained into our list of needless information

* (SELECT) denotes the option of extending the cheat code to two players

Recently, I've seen this 'secret' code rearing its head throughout music of all places as of late. One particular instance is this band from New Jersey called UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT A B START. Note, from the band name, it seems like these guys were loners as they only enter single player mode. The band is really good and you kids should check 'em out. The other instance where the 'code' comes into play musically would be from one of my favorite melodic metal bands from sunny Sacramento, California. Has anyone checked out the new Deftones release, Saturday Night Wrist? I think it was released sometime in late October. I just got my hands on it and the album is really good. Solid disc mixing well from heavy distorted sound with melodic vocals from Chino. Anyways, one of the tracks on the new dick is U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R, A, B, A, B, SELECT, START. Fellow Konami brethren unite!

If I was Konami, I would come out with a re-issue of games or a 'greatest hits' package, but for the gaming world. Get your games on the new consoles and ride this cash cow until it stops lactating money. Kids and adults alike will gobble nostalgia up the ying yang. Feed young kids a newfangled secret code and have them use this code years later for your benefit. Sounds like corporate longterm strategy to me. It's all beginning to be too coincidental for methinks.

Can 2006 be over already? I want to leave the messy trail of 2006-misfortune behind like a typical NYE after party scene. Bring on 2007 already. Jebus!

xend transmissionx

“Who Makes Steve Gutenberg a star.. We do.”