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and at your funeral...

Song of the Day: Lily Allen - Everything's Just Wonderful

Dear 2006,

Seeing that you are almost kaput, I felt I should write you a few words before you disappear. Yeah, we've had some good moments and bad, but for the most part it was a nose dive towards the bad. For the past twelve excruciating months, you've killed my confidence, destroyed my sense of hope, and taken away my friends - who does that?. You're lucky, the latter half of December have been pleasant or else, we would have some serious issues with each other.

  • March was bittersweet
  • April was a cold hard bitch
  • June/July was an embarrassment
  • End of August/September was alright.
  • November was absolutely terrible
  • December was bearable thanks to friends and family
Hopefully, your successor makes amends for all the bad karma that you brought. Here's to drinking to your death and dancing the night away. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.


xend transmissionx

“and at your funeral...”